About Us

Acacia & K Limited is a UK retail company with a difference, targeting a global market. We strive on diversity and equality.

You might find us to take certain stands via our social media posts or blogs which most companies shy away from. Here at A&K we believe everyone should stand for something and what better way than to show this through what we love. We also love to travel and see the world and if you let us by signing up for our newsletter, we will show you the world through our eyes.

We hope when you purchase any of our products, you will feel part of a bigger cause much more than the item you purchased.

Below are some key values we stand for as a company:

  • Equality regardless of race, gender, religious background or sexual orientation.
  • No tolerance for the abuse of children, women or men.
  • Lending a hand to make a difference where & when we can.
  • Climate change.

Stay you and you shop with Acacia & K.

Nnenna Offor

Founder & CEO